Sunday, March 23, 2014

Burlap Wrapped Milk Carton Spring Planters

Farewell winter! Time to add some touches of spring to help celebrate the, long over-due, change of season. Create some quick and easy planters for pennies, with these burlap wrapped, recycled milk cartons.

You Will Need:
Milk Cartons
Box Cutter/ Scissors
Hot Glue Gun
1/3 to 1/4 Yard of Burlap

Cut the tops off of your milk cartons. I used 3 different heights to make mine.
Cut a piece of burlap to fit your milk carton. Do this part like you would with gift wrap. Hot glue the burlap over the milk carton.
 Fold over and glue the corners on the bottom. Cut away the excess so it will sit flat and that it is not too bulky.
 Fold the excess from the top part down into the carton and glue down to stay in place.
 Fill and enjoy! ***Planters tip- I placed a 1-2 inch layer of small rocks on the bottom of the planter before adding the soil. These planters do not drain water so adding the layer of rocks will prevent the roots from drowning. With that being said, careful not to over water.

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