Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Toddler Stamps with Recycled Wine Corks

Create these DIY stamps, for preschool aged kids, using recycled wine corks. The cork handle makes it easy for little toddler hands to grasp the stamps when painting. We love finger paint crafts in our house, so these stamps were a hit!

This project comes after our first visit to Marbles Kid museum. It's a "playseum" geared toward preschool and elementary aged kids, with educational and hands on exhibits. My daughter and I, had the best time!  She especially enjoyed the arts & crafts area. (takes after her mama) They had a stamp set there that she loved! The stamps had handles so her littler hands could easily hold on to, something I have yet to find in stores.  (Aside from this, Melissa and Doug Stamp Set, that I was about to purchase)

My favorite corks to use for this are those from sparkling wine, they make the best handles! Just a little hot glue on the end of the cork and press firmly on the back of a foam stamp, until cooled.

If you are a wine drinker, or know someone else who is, ask them to save the corks for you. Being a Wine Shop at Home consultant allows me to stockpile some wine corks for fun little projects like this! So I will have plenty for future crafts too.

Just a disclaimer- avoid using cork that is damaged or crumbling, to prevent small pieces from breaking off and posing a choking hazard. Always carefully inspect the corks before each use and watch children carefully when using them, along with other small parts, do not leave unattended.

Here are some of my favorite Wine cork projects that some others have done .
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