Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tutu Cute Leotard

Isn't this tutu cute? Little girls are so much fun! Create a simple tutu leotard for your little gymnast or dancer.

Danskin Leotard $7.50 from Wal-Mart (also avail. in black)
6" strip of tulle
Water Soluble Fabric Marker
Sewing machine

Before you begin, please remember to go slow, tulle can be tricky, but, because we are making ruffles, this project is very forgiving.

Mark a line straight across the back of your leotard, where you want your tutu. You can do one, as shown, or several to make ruffles.

Now cut a piece of tulle triple the length of your line on the leotard. Then fold the tulle in half lengthwise and stitch the tulle along the top of the open ends. This is to keep the tulle folded for the next step to make the ruffles.

Set your sewing machine to a long stitch length and high tension to create a ruffle in your tulle. For additional details on how to make ruffles, look here.

Set your machine back to top stitch the ruffle onto the leotard. Start by aligning the tulle to the line on the garment. Pin it in place every so often.

Slip the leotard onto the sewing machine and sew. Remember to go slow when you stitch the tulle on. Try to stitch the new stitch right over the old stitching on the tulle.

To embellish the front, I used my embroidery machine to add a monogram. You can leave the front blank or add a heart or some other simple shape, using this DIY Applique Technique.

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