Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick Decorative Throw Pillows with Zippers

Get ready to redecorate for a new season, or add something fresh to a room or patio with these easy decorative zippered throw pillows.

Materials for each throw pillow:
1 zipper ( a few inches shorter than your pillow form)
(2) fabric squares 1 inch smaller than your pillow form
(1) pillow form
fabric marker

1. Lay the squares on top of each other with the wrong sides facing each other.
2. Pin one end closed and stitch in only an inch or two. Repeat on the other end.
3. Open the ends of the fabric and press the seam open. Stay stitch the two raw edges of the seam open.
4. Place your closed zipper, face down, on the wrong side of your fabric so that its aligned with the opening.

5. Using a fabric marker and a ruler, center the zipper, and make a guide mark to stitch the zipper down on one end. Stitch over and back several times to secure the end of the zipper.
6. Now stitch down the side of the zipper, to get started unzip the zipper several inches to move the slider out of the way. Once you have stitched down the zipper a few inches, zip the zipper back up and continue. Keep your needle down, while doing this. Stitch across the bottom of the zipper and up the other end. Go slow!            
7. Unzip the zipper and align the other 3 edges of the fabric together, with the wrong sides together and stitch 1/4 inch seams all around the edges. Don't forget to unzip the zipper before you sew up the sides.
8. Pull the fabric right side out through the zipper and poke out the corners. Stuff with your pillow form, zip, and your done!