Sunday, May 12, 2013

DIY Super Stylish Teething Necklace

Not too long ago, I saw some beautiful silicone teething necklaces at an upscale baby boutique. I loved how pretty and functional they were, but I wasn’t quite ready to drop a hefty $40. So, I thought of ways I could make my own adorable necklace, for less. I decided that wood beads would be the safest, chemically speaking, but they pose a choking hazard. To keep them securely on the necklace, so baby could chew on them safely, I encased them in fabric. The fabric cover served that purpose, as well as making the necklace itself, pretty.

This necklace is so cute, it can be worn weather you have a tiny teether or not! It is made using all natural 3/4" round wooden beads (from Michael's crafts), fabric, and ribbon. It is safe and stylish, best of all it is easy to make! Here is how I made mine:

4" x 36" strip of small print cotton fabric, pre-washed (go with a 46" piece, if you want a longer necklace, you can always trim the excess later)
Several unpainted natural wood beads (I used 3/4 inch)
36" of 1/4 inch ribbon in a coordinating color (Again, go longer, for a longer necklace, trimming what you don't use later)

1. Fold the fabric in half the long way and press rights side together. Then, top stitch the strip of fabric down the side.

2. Fold the fabric right side out, this should now make a long sleeve. Leave the ends open.

3. Take a 36" piece of ribbon and tie a not on one end, but leave a tail at least 6 inches long. Slip the ribbon into the fabric sleeve.

4. Pin the end of the fabric sleeve to the ribbon to keep it in place as you string your beads to make your necklace

5. Now it’s time to string the beads onto the necklace. String a bead onto the ribbon; it will be on the ribbon, but inside the sleeve of fabric. Then gather up the ribbon and the fabric together and tie a knot just after the bead, as close to the bead as you can get it. This will wrap the wooden bead in the fabric.

6. Repeat step 5 over until the necklace is at the desired length you want it. (It is best to make a longer necklace for the purpose of a teeter)

7. When you get to the end, leave a 1/2 tail of fabric to stitch the end closed.

8. Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon,

9. Now it’s time to close off the unfinished edges of the fabric sleeve. To do this, fold the raw edges inward 1/4" and press on both sides of the necklace. Top stitch straight across the fabric ends, straight over the ribbon. This will seal then ends off and attach the fabric permanently to the ribbon.

Now you have yourself a safe and stylish teething necklace for a fraction of the cost!

A few reminders:
Never leave your child alone or unattended with this necklace, to avoid choking hazard. It is NOT a toy. Always inspect your necklace before each use to make sure it is safe for baby. If the fabric becomes torn after frequent use, I recommend not using it, again, to avoid any potential choking hazards. You can always recycle the beads and make a new necklace. Try to use quality, woven ribbon and fabric to keep the beads securely strung. Avoid beads that have been painted or stained, because of the potential risk of chemical exposure. Remember to hand wash your fabrics in mild soaps, and clean necklace regularly. You may also wish use naturally dyed, organic fabrics.

 I would love to see what you come up with!

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