Saturday, April 27, 2013

Upcycled Khakis: From Worn-Out Work Pants To Chic Wreath

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Turn old clothes into something new and visually appealing! You can use khaki, denim, or a nice print. Raid your closet, or pop some tags at the thrift store. 

For this project, I used my husband’s old work pants, and upcycled them into this gorgeous wreath! 

Here is what you need:
  • A rotary cutter or scissors & mat
  • A ruler
  • 2 pairs of khaki pants (I happened to use the same shade of khaki, but using two different shades would offer a unique look as well.)
  • An 18” metal wire wreath form
  • Embellishments for the wreath (create your own fabric flowers, use ribbon, or purchase something from the craft store)
  • Hot glue gun (for the embellishments)

Start out by cutting the pant legs into 2” strips. Then Cut the strips open, to lay flat. You will need to cut the strips up into 8” pieces.

Tie the strips around the inner two wires on the wire form and repeat around the outer two wires, until the wreath is filled in.

Once the wreath is filled in, add your embellishments to the wreath. For this, I cut up some old work shirts, and made some simple fabric flowers. There are a few ways that I make flowers. Keep reading for how I made the flowers that you see here, or check out this tutorial that I wrote for another technique for making fabric flowers.

For the flowers on this wreath:
I traced various sized circles onto my fabric using a fabric marker and then cut them out. I folded the circles in half and hand stitched along the fold. (This does not need to be neat) I then pulled the string to gather the fabric to make a flower petal. I repeated this 6 or 7 times until there were enough petals to make a nice, full looking, flower. Pulled tightly one last time, I stitched the first petal to the last one, bringing the strung petals together into a circle. I was left with a small opening in the center of my flower, which I stitched closed. I then added a button to my flower, to make it complete.

Using a hot glue gun, I embellished my wreath. And there you have it! 
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