Friday, April 19, 2013

Yikes Stripes, Pink Striped Walls: Our DIY Tutorial on How We Painted The Nursery

When we became pregnant with our daughter, I enjoyed "nesting" by saving inspirational design ideas. I started out searching through books, websites and magazines. I rummaged through home improvement literature at The Home Depot and library. I learned to scavenge local "for sale used" websites, such as Craigslist and Facebook for furniture and accent pieces to complement both the room design and sentimental decor that I had stashed away in the attic.

For the color choice in this room, I wanted pink, but was trying to avoid the average shade of baby-girls'-room. After looking at countless paint ideas, I stumbled upon a Benjamin Moore paint advertisement, it was love! From that moment, my heart was set on a stunning, two tone pink, striped wall. That was when the real fun began. Luckily, my husband was here to help!

We started out by painting the entire room with 2 coats of the lighter shade of pink as our base
color. When we first put it on, it reminded me of  Pepto-bismol. This was not the look I was hoping for, but we kept on truckin!

We then went back and lightly penciled 6 inch wide vertical stripes all the way around the room. This was our outline for painting the darker accent stripes. Because my husband had plans to add wainscoting to the base of the wall and crown molding to the top, I only had to pencil out the stripes for 3/4 of the wall. This was nice because it saved us a lot of time when it came to painting near the floor and ceiling. To help me draw straight lines, I used a meter stick to first mark off where I needed my pencil lines to be. I simply measured every six inches around the room and drew a faint pencil mark on the wall. I did this at 3 heights. I then used the longest level I could find to draw vertical stripes. I put the level up against the wall lining it up with my pencil marks, when I saw that it was level, I used its straight edge to draw a pencil line, connecting my 3 previously measured points. I continued this all the way around the room, making the 6 inch wide stripes. This part was time consuming but very simple to do. I want to suggest using a colored pencil, close in color to your paint, when drawing lines. This will help the pencil lines blend in after the walls are painted because regular pencil lead can show through.

After outlining the stripes, we carefully taped every other stripe using blue painters tape. We marked which stripes that didn't get painted with an "X" on a sticky note. We did this to be sure that we didn't make mistakes while painting the stripes.

Whenever we got to a corner,we just carried the stripe through. It was helpful that we measured the perimeter of the walls first and then crunched some numbers to decide that 6 inch stripes would fit nicely with the length of each wall. This method helped to ensure that we didn't end up with a short stripe somewhere. We also started in the back corner of the room to help us with the symmetry, and to hide any measurement errors.

We then went back and carefully painted the unmarked stripes with the darker shade of pink. We made sure to wait for it to dry, before slowly removing the tape. For this part of the project, I recommend using "Frog" tape instead of painters tape. This is because frog tape contains a special chemical barrier, when mixed with the paint, to help prevent bleeding. This is crucial in keeping the lines crisp. There are other ways to accomplish this, but this is the simplest. Just make sure you run your fingers firmly over the edge of the tape to seal it as best as you can.

We then added the wainscoting and crown molding. By "we", I really mean my amazing and talented husband. At the time, I was 8 months preggers. (Notice his awesome tool belt and serious combat boots!) After some minor touch ups, we added the furniture and decor. As you can see the room really came together. It was better than I could have hoped for!

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