Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pink Shabby Chic First Birthday

Oh how I love pink, and vintage! The two come together for this shabby chic first birthday party.

We are fortunate to have some fabulous crystal and silver heirlooms in our china cabinet, that were begging to be used. I chose to center our daughters first birthday party theme around them. It was a great way to incorporate some sentimental (and free) pieces, that we don't get to use all that often. As passionate as I am about crafting, I wanted to make some decor to complement my serving ware.

I first made ribbon roses using pink paper party streamers. whew, say that 5 times fast! (See the you tube link on how to make them. youtube ribbon rose tutorial .) I then hot glued the roses to a 4" Styrofoam ball to make a flower pom (aka kissing ball). I had a set of stunning crystal candle sticks that we received as a wedding gift which I used to set the flower poms on for instant rose topiaries. They looked beautiful on my table.  

I then used the same rose making technique, but this time using  darker pink, and white streamer paper too. I used a ribbon wrapped, wire wreath form (because I already had it on hand and it is cheaper than using  the Styrofoam wreath forms) I used a wide 3" white ribbon so it would not show through. You can also use strips of fabric to hide the wire. For this, I simply wrapped the ribbon and hot glued it every so often to secure the it from unraveling. I then glued the paper roses all over and added a paper "1" cut from my Die cut machine. I then topped it off with a pretty accent ribbon and hung it on the front door as  a welcome wreath for the party.

I made a simple "Happy Birthday" banner using some 7" scalloped edge paper circles (which can be found pre-cut in various sizes at craft stores, I used my Cameo again.) I then glued paper doilies the scalloped edge disks. Using a foam stamp set, I then stamped each letter in the phrase "Happy Birthday" on the discs. I hole punched the discs and then strung a 4 inch piece of coordinating ribbon through. I tied off each piece of ribbon in a knot, stringing the banner together, by attaching each disc to the next. It turned out really cute. It was very simple and you CAN make it for next to nothing, without a paper cutting machine!

I added a few other things here and there and my daughters "pink chic birthday" was complete!

To see the cake I made and a great healthy birthday cake recipe, click this link to view the  post.

The Old Rocking Horse, A Source of Inspiration

To see how this old horse has inspired me, please visit

I love taking something old, with a story, and bringing it to life again. Here is a rocking horse that my husband played with as a child. There are plenty of these old gems around at thrift stores, yard sales, and even on craigslist, so keep your eyes out for one!

The horse had been stored away until it was handed down to us by my husbands oldest sister. When we first got the horse, it was well loved and in need of a fresh coat of paint. So we sanded it down to remove its old, weathered brown paint, along with any splintered wood. We applied wood putty to fill small holes and chips, then applied a fresh coat of paint. We used an off white semi-gloss trim paint.

We then added some yarn to it, using a hot glue, to give it a pretty mane.

As you can see, the horse is now beautiful and the little one loves it!

Where it Started

“Go ahead and spoil them rotten, because they are only Little Once!" Welcome to my blog. I am a stay at home wife to an NC State Grad and mom to a wonderful baby girl. Before staying home with my daughter, I was a science teacher and basketball coach.
I have been blessed with so many wonderful things in my life. Coming from very humble beginnings, I truly feel life is what you make of it, and there are no limitations, just detours! My love for crafting started a long time ago with influence from my big sister, Karry. Since then, this passion of mine has really taken off.
My hobby of creating things, reached a whole new level when I had my daughter. I especially loved putting her in personalized outfits and things that I had sewn myself. I enjoyed it so much that I began making gifts for friends and family too. After some time and some suggestions from my friends, I decided to create "Little Once Boutique", specializing in personalized apparel & gifts, from our home in North Carolina. I hope you get the chance to browse through our facebook page @ I am so excited to be able to share my talent and love for crafting with others! 

This page hopefully offers creative ideas about sewing, embroidery, paper crafts and more. I will use it to post things that I can share with the hope that it lends ideas and tips to help you tap into your creativity too!

Thank you for dropping by!